3, 2, 1 save money

There may be periods in one’s life where you really need to save, for example up here for Christmas, as this often involves many extra expenses. One of the big expenses is of course the Christmas gifts, but also Christmas lunches and the actual purchase for Christmas Eve can be difficult to afford.

Advice to save money

Advice to save money

1 Food plan

For many, a food plan can mean a great improvement in the economy. If a food plan is properly screwed together, there is a lot of money to save because you avoid great food waste, unnecessary impulse purchases and cash-burning on take-away. If it is scarce to get ideas for recipes, you can advantageously make use of the many supermarkets’ food plans and associated shopping lists.

2 Black Friday

“ It can ensure that there are no red-handed numbers on the account

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, which is the day when the stores are running with attractive savings on a number of products. So if you already have an idea of ​​what to buy from Christmas gifts, consider making some of the Christmas purchases on November 24, which is the day Black Friday falls.

3 Buy Used and Sell Out

3 Buy Used and Sell Out

When the economy is under pressure, the credit card screams after not being used on several expensive shopping trips. There can therefore be money to be obtained by purchasing clothes and other goods on recycling websites or in recycled stores. Here you can fill the wardrobe at a much cheaper price. However, often the wardrobe does not need to be filled up any more, so a way to clean out and even make an extra dime is selling out of the wardrobe. The things in the store are often worth gold or at least a good bag of money.

4 Add a sustainable budget

As we have said before, a solid budget is alpha omega in a good economy. When you put your budget, it must be realistic to avoid financial black holes. When making a budget, it can be difficult to get an overview of all the income and expenses that must be included. We have made a list of items that must be included in the budget form – it can ensure that there are no fiery figures in the account.

Always examine the loan market

Always examine the loan market

If you still need to borrow money for Christmas, do yourself the service and examine the market so that you get the best loan offer. At Good Finance we have made this process easy for you. With only one loan application, you receive offers from several banks. It saves you both time and money.

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