Credit organizations: who offers the best rates suited to their project?

There are many credit organizations and banks in France. Whether for consumer loans (personal loan, car loan, etc.) or home loans, it is difficult to identify the best credit organization suited to your project and your situation. Our exclusive credit system not only compares the best rates but also provides the basic answer from the cheapest organization.

Credit organizations: how to find the best?

Credit organizations: how to find the best?

The main credit companies are:

  • Online consumer credit organizations 
  • Banks, which monopolize the mortgage market
  • Some insurers, as well as manufacturers offering car credit

Depending on the project, the best credit agency is usually not the same. Whether it is to finance the purchase of a car, to obtain a mortgage or for a simple need for money, the rates are quite different.

On the other hand, depending on the customer profile, each organization has its strategy. Attract the best profiles by offering very low rates but refuse 70% of requests. Accept a lot of credit requests but charge slightly more expensive rates. To avoid being tricked, our system is connected to online credit organizations and gives an immediate policy response. In this way, everyone can know at what best rate they can get a credit agreement.

Better rates from consumer credit organizations

Better rates from consumer credit organizations

There are many specialists in this area of consumer credit. It must be said that in this sector, the banks are not competitive. We must be vigilant on two points in particular. Check what APR rate is offered. It is the legal rate which includes all fees. It is on this rate that our comparison is based. The other point of vigilance is what we call false promotions.

Indeed, consumer credit organizations all announce catchy rates of 1% or less. These rates are generally limited to a 12-month reimbursement. Which imposes huge refunds. In some cases, online credit agencies offer longer terms but the rates are much more expensive.

Credit organization: where to turn?

Credit organization: where to turn?

Even if certain players are more or less known, the French market for credit organizations offers a variety of choices and therefore of competition between for the benefit of the borrower.

It is for example quite common for Bankate to offer an unbeatable rate over a specific period or amount, in the same way as Viloan or Good Finance. The larger credit organizations also have a certain tendency to multiply promotional offers.

Credither knows that the choice of a credit should not be made on a name or a market share. This is why our credit comparator is based on an essential criterion: the APR rate.

Credit buying organizations

Credit buying organizations

The repurchase of credits consists in regrouping all its debts in only one monthly payment, with a new rate APR in the key. As we have seen previously, the main credit organizations offer solutions for grouping several loans in a single monthly payment. Opting for a buyout is often suggested when the end of the month starts to be too difficult. We have gathered in a dedicated article the main buyout companies and their valuation.

When a loan repurchase is not possible, it is therefore interesting to approach the Astro Finance to avoid over-indebtedness.

The credit organizations presented in the previous section offer credit buybacks, but only to group consumer loans. If, on the other hand, you also want to buy back your mortgage, it is rather the brokers who specialize in grouping credits that can meet your needs. There are still many of these officers.

Home loan organizations

Home loan organizations

Like the loan buy-back sector, there are a multitude of players who can assist you in obtaining a mortgage.

The main actors are :

  • The banks
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Online banking

Credither allows you to carry out a simulation of your real estate project. Connected to the mortgage offers from several specialists in the field, our real estate comparison makes it possible to take a concrete first step in the realization of his project.

If the project is feasible, we or the cheapest organization, will contact the client directly to make a rate proposal adapted to the profile. Real estate credit requires additional human intervention to be able to make the most precise proposal possible.

How our comparator classifies credit organizations

How our comparator classifies credit organizations

As the benchmark for comparators on consumer credit, we check daily all the APR rates charged by these credit organizations. We record them for all types of credits, all durations and all amounts. We are therefore able to present you the best in rates for each credit request, whatever the project.

Our questionnaire provides a favorable credit opinion immediately. Connected to the decisions of the best credit agencies, our simple form – in four steps – simply allows you to get a basic answer at the best APR rate.

Example of the result of a simulation carried out with the credit organizations that we compare. In this case, Bankate is not inclined to accept the loan, but Cetelem accepts the request without problem.

A comparator connected to credit organizations

The credit organizations we compare rely on the information (type of credit, amount, duration, personal information) to provide an immediate response. It is possible to obtain a positive opinion (acceptability> 50%) or on the contrary to be confronted with a refused credit. We are talking about online credit organization.

Besides, we are not talking about refusal but study. A file under study means that a point is blocking to obtain a positive opinion. When the best credit organization gives a negative opinion (study or acceptability <5%), it is important to ask the following questions in one click.

Always check the APR rate is a priority

Our comparator is based on the real rates offered by the credit organizations. The risk of receiving a credit proposal at a rate different from that initially compared is therefore low. However, we recommend that you always check the offer on your credit contract. Some credit agencies may well make a different proposal.

The full reading of the credit agreement avoids disappointment. Fortunately, there is always a recourse in the event of an error or a misunderstanding of the offer, given that the withdrawal period is 14 days for any consumer credit.